Anti-Embolism Hosiery

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Anti-Embolism Hosiery

Sallis Healthcare Ltd


Anti-Embolism stocking has been designed anatomically under BS 6612 drug tariff specification 40. While mesh knitting design is snug and could fit thigh and below knee. Made of elastane and nylon (Polyamide)which is resistant to greasy stain and long life that provides graduate compression.


  • For pre and postoperative patient to prevent DVT.
  • Immediately pre and post parturition.
  • Following Vein Stripping:
  • For patient with venous disorder.
  • For varicose vein.


  • Reduce the risk
  • Simple handeling
  • Colour coded size classification
  • Washable

Available in two sizes, below knee and thigh length

Available Sizes

Below Knee:

S, M, L, XL

Thigh length:

S, M, L, XL

Nominal Compression Value 

15mm Hg at Ankle

Combination of Material

80% Nylon 

20% Elastane