Catgut Chrome

Type:    Twisted multifilament with a monofilament appearance

Composition:   Strands of purified collagen taken from the serosal layer of selected bovines, tanned with chrome salts. Origin from BSE-free classified countries.


USPMetricRound bodied taper pointLengthOrder number
4/02HR 20 mm75 cm2200120
3/03HR 20 mm75 cm2300120
2/03.5HR 30 mm75 cm2350130
04HR 40 mm75 cm2400140
15HR 30 mm75 cm2500130
5HR 40 mm75 cm2500140
26HR 40 mm75 cm2600140


  • High tensile strength
  • Absorption by phagocytosis
  • Twisted structure
  • Uniform diameter by centerless polishing (monofilament appearance)
  • Hermetically sealed packing